About Us

CG Algorithms was founded by Neil Caruana, in Malta, in 2022. Engineer by profession, Neil is a business integrator, inventor and innovator, with a portfolio spanning many industries and applications.

As engineers, in our modelling and designs we make continuous use of x, the symbol used a variable, the subject of most applications, and the container of any result. This reflects precisely our DNA and philosophy, which is all possibility. We tackle our assignments with curiosity, engineering rigour and creativity to find solutions to any requirement.

Algorithms, featuring in our name and brand identity, are the foundation of any methodology, whether carried out manually or automated through a machine or software code.

Our portfolio of experiences showcases some very interesting assignments. We are the ideal choice when our customers are looking to create something different, or need specialised services tailored to their requirements. We have carried out projects related with machine control systems, process controls, management systems, R&D as well as coding, either for interfacing our machinery with the digital systems or for the creation of apps that bring innovative technologies to their users.

We invite you to contact us to enquire about the possibilities that we may enable.